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Mosin Nagant PU Scope Installation - Part 3 - Inletting the stock

This video is part 3 of 3 of the entire process for installing a PU scope on my Mosin Nagant In this part I inlet the stock for the scope base.

gunsdaily: “ @thegunblog A legit real ww2 Nazi German FG 42 paratrooper rifle. With the bayonet. ”

A legit real Nazi German FG 42 paratrooper rifle. With bayonet.

Yugoslavia Civil War, 1990-1995: Sniper rifles were used extensively during the war: Mauser M48 (top) and M59/66 SKS.

Yugoslavia Civil War, Sniper rifles were widely used during the war. Two of the workhorses are depicted here: Mauser Sniper Rifle (top) and SKS Sniper rifle. Both rifles utilized various optics and night vision devices.