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The text within the piece is "هو في عين النمر" "It's in the eye of the tiger work by E.B.

The tiger. The text within the piece is هو في عين النمر Its in the eye of the tiger. Written many times in Diwani Jali script.

Mosin Nagant PU Scope Installation - Part 3 - Inletting the stock

This video is part 3 of 3 of the entire process for installing a PU scope on my Mosin Nagant In this part I inlet the stock for the scope base.

Yugoslavia Civil War, 1990-1995: Sniper rifles were used extensively during the war: Mauser M48 (top) and M59/66 SKS.

Yugoslavia Civil War, Sniper rifles were widely used during the war. Two of the workhorses are depicted here: Mauser Sniper Rifle (top) and SKS Sniper rifle. Both rifles utilized various optics and night vision devices.

Swiss ZfK-55 sniper rifle - YouTube

At the Rock Island Auction last month, there were several Swiss sniper rifles up for sale. The rifle is basically a action, with a bunch of modifi.