Allah, the one treue God. The word 'Allah' is the preferred word and name to call God by. Unlike other languages, it doesn't have a masculine, feminine or neuter connotation for He is above that. The term 'He' is used as we as humans have limited capacity to understand the true nature of God (in this life). Interestingly, the word 'Allah' also cannot linguistically have a plural (eg.God(s)); it just doesn't make sense - the beauty of the Arabic language.

No names are better than this.Only by saying it, it just feel strong in our heart. Ya Allah Ya Rab spilling out everyhting to You is the best thing in the world. Because I know only You are The All Knowing.Let me be in your path.

Kufic Calligraphy Variations – Islamic Graphics

Kufic Calligraphy Variations – Islamic Graphics Lighting through calligraphy letters

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:::: ✿⊱╮☼ ☾ PINTEREST.COM christiancross ☀❤•♥•* ::::&YHB+_)(*&^%$#@!ZXCVBNM<>?&YHB

الخط العربي بين االاصالة والتجديد  Arabic calligraphy

DesertRose///beautiful Islamic calligraphy art **خطّ Ḣ a Ṭ خطّ** ~R

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