Hasan Burak Hamurisci

Hasan Burak Hamurisci

Hasan Burak Hamurisci
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open air theater and rain water collector // conceptual urban design by paisajes emergentes

Open air theater and rain water collector. Hollowed out in the field, allows you to create a dam for storing rainwater. When empty it can be used for open air theatre. Estudio de Arquitectura y Paisaje. Architecture and landscape studio.

Inspiro. Respiro. De todos modos no tardaré en irme.

Encanta pensar que algo tão destrutivo poderia ser comestível, ah claro tipo coca cola. I enjoy this artwork because it uses something so large (mushroom cloud) and make it miniature, and then being cut by a knife.

Naivety_An Architectural Tool  - a Interview with Fala Atelier

Naivety_An Architectural Tool Fala Atelier Interview Who influences you graphically? We have many graphical references. In the beginning we were very open minded and at some point we…

10:10 - Zean Macfarlane - http://zeanmacfarlane.com/

Illustrations // Drawings // Diagrams // Idioms Based in London, Zean Mair-Macfarlane, is both an architectural designer and artist: creating delicate and calculated drawings to inspire us all.