Ronit Bigal

Written on the Body: Gorgeous, Sensual Skin Calligraphy

Imagine a world where your words appear on your skin. Would you be more careful of what you say? ~Artist Ronit Bigal what an interesting thought.

The word "alphabet" is taken from Arabic language... "aleph" is the first letter in Arabic alphabet, "baa" is the second letter.

Ta (The letter in the Arabic alphabet) - The Arabic Alphabet is so friendly it even has a smiley face :)

Hit on me in Arabic, and I will probably love you. (for all you non-arabic speakers, the letter shown is "wow", a "w" sound)-sarah

Hit on me in Arabic, and I will probably love you. (My arabic professor would love this!

#arabic #calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy The figure of a woman jumping is created using the arabic diwani jali calligraphy script. The text reads “Always do what you are afraid to do” and is repeated exactly three times to create the shape. by calligrapher Everitte Barbee

Arabic by Mahmoud Fathy on Behance. Love the calligraphy that is of the same scale as the leaves in the background. I also love the paint smudges.

"Life - Arabic Calligraphy" Graphics/Illustration art prints and posters by Mahmoud Fathy - ARTFLAKES.

ن ع م    this is “no” made entirely out of “yes”

The word "NO" لا in Arabic is made entirely out of the Arabic word "YES" نعم

By Maece Seirafi Zoomorphic Calligraphy "Peacock"

Maece Seirafi Arabic Calligraphy commission for Sara Bareilles music video


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