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Drusa Lion
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He looks so seductive right here || Bucky Barnes || The Winter Soldier || Sebastian Stan

This is possibly my favorite Bucky moment. He doesn't fight the mouth guard, he doesn't just passively accept it, he leans forward and *takes* it.

sebastian stan --- i'm not one for lip licking what not but... for him i make an exception...

sebastian stan --- i'm not one for lip licking what not but. for him i make an exception. I always find lip licking awkward but this. THIS is an exception.

Well, I do that, too. So, we're practically married.

It's probably because he accidentally points it out like a British grandma drinking tea and then someone mentioned it because I know for certain that's why I do that

Why is he so cute?

Imagine Chris going on a date with Seb and they go out to dinner and laugh at each others sense of humor and then send each other texts under the table and they are mostly emojis. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!