I've never done shoulder jewelry but this might be really nice with the strapless dress

An unexpected and stunning piece for that touch of bohemian wonder at that beach wedding. Wedding Dress Shoulder, Wedding Dress Accessory, Bridal by ADbrdal

Ana Rosa: Archive

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Kate's Rustic Bohemian Realm Why can't I pick colors like this?

Mostly Trade Beads - Gloria Ewing- on etsy for sale. I like the textures and pinned for that reason=inspiration :-)

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Fashion Tibetan Style Bracelets, Stretch Bracelets, with Glass Pearl Beads by Jersica

Carnival Jewelry Tibetan Style Charm Bracelets, Stretch Bracelets, with Glass Pearl Beads, Antique Silver, Mixed ColorSize: about inner diameter. Glass Pearl Beads: about in diameter.

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This is GORGEOUS! Pearl fashion - for boudoir photos- bride can also take them on honeymoon or wear on wedding day over a very simple dress

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