Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han'ın nadir bilinen bir resmi

Fatih Sultan Mehmet was the seventh Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. At the age of he conquered Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) and brought an end to the Eastern Roman Empire.

Osmanlı tuğrası

House of Ottoman Every sultan of the Ottoman Empire had his own monogram, called the tughra, which served as a royal symbol.

ruler of Istanbul and was one of the people that flourished Islam to the world.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Mehmed the Conqueror


The Janissaries ( Ottomon- Turkish )

Ottoman Empire, Notes

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The janissaries (yeniçeri) are the Ottoman Empire's soldiers, they are very disciplined! Making the Ottoman army very powerful, they are trained specifically for battles!

Fatih sultan Mehmed

Fall of Constantinople-Sultan Mehmed II enters Constantinople

ottoman soldier wallpaper - Google'da Ara

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