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Teatro Hugo & Ines creates a riot of characters composed of knees, feet, hands, and elbows and a handful of props

The Crucible- Set Design on Behance More

The purple and blue lighting with the trees looming overhead showcases how the girls are crossing boundaries by trying to call spirits and dance in the woods. It foreshadows all that is to come as a consequence for their actions.

A Streetcar Named Desire. The Guthrie Theatre. Set design by Todd Rosenthal.

A Streetcar Named Desire. Mass is the dominant design element. The large mass upstage center seems to be the pinpoint of the entire set as all other pieces focus on this one mass.

Circular dais, industrial, high windows

"Man of La Mancha: the theatre is a proscenium stage, but the stage itself rotates within the circular boundary to create the Don Quixote story within the musical. If you catch my drift.