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How To Build A Raspberry Pi Laptop Using Upcycled Accessories #technology

The Raspberry Pi has powered a lot of custom builds since it was introduced. These upcycled gadget accessories are perfect for a Raspberry Pi laptop build.

Raspberry Pi Laptop - low cost project / 3D printable

In the interests of making computer-building -- and computers -- accessible to all comes the Pi-Top, a do-it-yourself, Raspberry Pi laptop.

Long range, 1.8km, Arduino to Arduino wireless communication with the HC-12.

In this instructable you will learn how to communicate between Arduinos over a long distance up to in open air.The is a wireless serial port.

How to setup a very basic Arduino web server that's perfect for displaying data and controlling devices connected to the pins.

This tutorial goes through the steps to making your own Arduino web server. It’s a straightforward process that will get your own live server running.