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80x140cm - Blue Love Iznik Art Ceramic Floral Tile Panel

A Fine and Rare Iznik 'Damascus Style' Dish, Turkey, Circa 1540 | Lot | Sotheby's

A Fine and Rare Iznik 'Damascus Style' Dish, Turkey, Circa 1540

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Islamic Tile - Ottoman Turkey or Syria. stone paste tile, the very pale green ground decorated in underglaze cobalt-blue, turquoise and bole red with lotus heads midway on each side all around a central pair of swirled saz leaves.

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Los Angeles Country Museum of Art date:1515-20

Jar Location: Los Angeles, United States of America Holding Museum: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Date of Object: Hegira early century / AD early century Height cm, diameter cm Period / Dynasty Ottoman Provenance: Turkey, Iznik


Tile, stonepaste, painted and glazed. Syria, circa century And they still make this same design today….