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Image via Makenna Alyse By: Courtney Conway A signature beauty routine is a great way to showcase your personality and maximize your time in the morning (who wouldn't want to spend more time sipping

How to Help Loved Ones with Addiction: 4 FAQs

The Print Ad titled Al-Anon Family Groups: TRAPPED was done by Y&R Cape Town advertising agency for product: Al-Anon Family Groups (brand: Al-anon) in South Africa.

"Stay focused on yourself and blur out your surrounding"- this is how we should blur out the backdrop in the park

What's the Difference Between Fartlek, Tempo, and Interval Runs? // I never understood these different forms of speed training! This article puts definitions into easy-to-understand language for beginner runners (or those who don't speak running lingo).

Just because s/he smiles, doesn't mean it's real. Sadly, this tends to be the face of abuse #abuse #thefaceofabuse

this is when you beat the snot out of the person who hurt you & if you can't your friends do it--then put the scum in jail so he can get a new girlfriend