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theponyartcollection:    Marshmallow Pone by =steffy-beff

Galaxy Rarity by DigiTeku on deviantART

I can totally see this happening

Demigods playing minecraft: just AWESOME

I'd follow these if I were you. Annabeth is NOT someone to mess with.

Annabeth's rules for the female campers. In addition to Percy's Rules for Male campers.

juliajm15 Piper with both Anna's and Elsa's hair because… why not?

Leven: Leven is both the Iwole’s fiercest warrior and Killian’s sister. Evie is forced to turn to Leven for training and to help seek the Iwole’s approval. Though initially enemies, Evie and Leven.

percy jackson the prophecy of seven | The Second Great Prophecy from PJatO by Artemis015 on deviantART

Day Favorite prophecy: I really don't like any of the prophecys because someone always ends up dieing


Edit this vector has been updated with colors from HD Legend of Everfree screencaps. Legend of Everfree Geometric Pinkie Pie Vector

HTTYD 2 | Idk why. But I'm just really in to this pic. It's cool looking. Had a similar idea.

Hiccup and Toothless awesome.

HTTYD Dragon Classes! heck yeah, Strike Class!

How To Train Your Dragon Dragons Classes Httyd dragon classes heck

How to train your dragon viking alphabet!! YES!!!! Why have I never seen this before?????

How to train your dragon viking alphabet! << It's called runes. Makes me glad homeschooling covers the viking alphabet.