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[tps_header]We just fell in love with laser cut wedding trend. It’s very elegant and sophisticated. Laser cut designs make a beautiful wedding decor. You can incorporate them into your wedding with laser cut lac...

We Love: Laser Cut Wedding Invitations @4lovepolkadots

Rustic Laser Cut Tree Pink Navy Wedding Invitations, I think if you change from wedding to my family tree is growing that it could be cute.

Love Infinity Tattoo Designs

Infinity Tattoos…yes, These Are Kind Of Cliche But I Want Mine To Say “interesting” In The Infinity Symbol. Could You Show Me Dear, Something I’ve Not Seen, Something Infinitely Interesting …from Our Wedding Song!

y have i not seen this before

Infinity-but with both left hands to see the rings. Do the infinity with left hands and a heart with right hands :)


This gorgeous little drawing is called 'Love' and its by joojoo. I love her stuff. She make jewellery and some sugar craft too.