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☤ MD ☞✪ Astronomical calendar, etc. late 14th century Bodleian Library. #ZodiacMan

Ashmole Parchment manuscript [England] Author: Nicholas of Lynn Astronomical calendar Late century Zodiac man with signs of the zodiac associated with various parts of his body, on arrow-shaped particoloured ground. Text on either side.

Two Mandalas with Fettered Effigies  Central Tibet, Lhasa (?); ca. 1665  Ink and pigments on paper, © Thomas Isenberg

krodhavighnantaka: “ magictransistor: “ Two Mandalas with Fettered Effigies. ” Cakras, not mandalas. Fine distinction, but cakras primarially function as amulets or talismans, while mandalas are visualization aids.

ephemera assemblyman: Tibetan Anatomical Paintings

These Tibetan medical tangkas were "painted by the Nepalese tangka artist Romio Shrestha and his Tibetan, Nepalese, and Bhutanese students .