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a pair of brown slippers sitting on top of a white floor
Artisan Babutxes Adult Babutxes From Mallorca - Trouva
Trouva: Adult Babutxes From Mallorca
a person's hand holding an orange in front of their face, with the image of a lemon on it
Archillect on Twitter
a man standing in front of a wall covered in different colored polka dot designs and holding a cane
Samiro Yunoki’s Shibuya Home-Studio
a black and white photo of a flower in a vase with its wings spread out
an advertisement on the side of a water tower for nike in new york city's times square
I printed this out and pasted it all around my house
an advertisement for some sort of furniture made out of wood and metal, with the words comme des garcos on it
fuckyeahcommedesgarcons: COMME des GARÇONS Furniture catalog, 1990
an old black and white photo of a woman carrying a child on her back in the snow
The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum: Photo
an abstract painting with black and white designs on it's sides, including two faces
African Embroidery
African Embroidery ("threadeater" on flickr)
a towel hanging on the wall next to a vase
Samoan Siapo (Tapa Cloths)
Samoan Siapo (Tapa Cloths)
an old piece of cloth with fringes on it
Mbun textile
Mbun textile, Dem Rep of Congo, collected 1906-1910
black and white photograph of various objects on the floor in front of a large sculpture
isamu noguchi ceramics
Isamu Noguchi Installation view of his solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi Department Store Tokyo 1950
a tall stone vase sitting on top of a table
Bird table by Henry Moore
The Good China Clothes, Jumpers, Pullover, Upcycled Sweater, Upcycle Sweater, Clothing Items, Clothes Design, Sweaters, Thrifting
The Good China
The Good China
an old book with the words new york written in bold font on it's cover
holiday magazine. one i need for my collection.
a large piece of cloth that has been made with squares and rectangles on it
Рамблер/почта – надежная и бесплатная электронная почта, создать электронную почту с защитой от спама и вирусов
an empty room with wooden floors and white wall covering the entire area in shades of light
Divisórias de Tecido - Casa de Valentina
Detalhes da decoração com divisória de tecido. Tecidos trazendo a privacidade do ambiente com revestimento de madeira. #decoracao #decor #details #casadevalentina
a green rug with brown and beige designs on it's sides, in the shape of rectangles
(#132) Ivan da Silva Bruhns
an art piece with black and tan designs on it
St. Frank
an old piece of cloth with black and white designs on the fabric, including lines
Couture, African Clothing, African Clothing Styles, African Wear, African Chic, African Design
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a piece of cloth with black and white designs on it
African Tribal Art - Bark loincloth, Mbuti people, D.R. Congo
a black and white piece of cloth with an image of a man holding a surfboard
A Collection: Photo
a piece of cloth with red and black designs on it
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of wood and fabric
Kuba Skirt 25
a piece of cloth with black writing on it
Inspiration from African Kuba Cloth or "organic geometry"