***** Hanzade sultan (princess Hanzade, granddaughter of the last ottoman sultan)

Hanzade sultan (princess Hanzade, granddaughter of the last ottoman sultan) and the wife of Prince Mohamed Ali Ibrahim of Egypt

Mahidevran Gülbahar Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: ماه دوران سلطان, c. 1500 – 3 February 1581) was haseki sultan to Suleiman the Magnificent and mother of Şehzade Mustafa, Şehzade Ahmed and Raziye Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

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Roxelana    Known also by her Turkish name of Khourrem (or Hürrem or Karima), meaning "the cheerful one", (circa 1500 - April 18, 1558) was the wife of sultan Süleyman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire.

Haseki Hürrem Sultan (née Roxelana or Alexandra Lisowska) was the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Princess Mihrimah Sultan was the daughter of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I and his Ruthenian wife, (1558) Hürrem Sultan.  She was born in Constantinople. Mehr-î-Mâh means "Sun (lit. clemency, compassion, endearment, affection) and Moon".

Cameria, Daughter of Suleiman the Magnificent by Titian (workshop of). The Courtauld Gallery. Date painted: Oil on canvas, x cm Collection: The Courtauld Gallery.

Hagia Sophia - İstanbul / Turkey - 3d model

The Church of the Holy Wisdom - Hagia Sophia - Constantinople, Byzantine Empire - up until it was the largest cathedral in the world - model