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pink tulips are in the foreground and people sitting on benches in the background
people are standing in front of a fountain at dusk
a view of the city from a window in an apartment building at sunset or dawn
people are standing on rocks near the water and in front of a large cityscape
a woman standing in front of a pizza shop
three people standing on top of a roof in front of the city skyline at night
a woman with an umbrella is walking down the street in the rain on a rainy day
nyc city girl aesthetic
nyc, harry styles, love on tour, new york city fall, autumn, rainy, gloomy city day, winter aesthetic
Art, Stockholm, Chicago, Lee, Style, Life, Change
art institute of chicago @margot.lee
many people are sitting in the grass on a sunny day
Sheeps Meadow, Central Park
two people walking down a path in a park with autumn leaves on the ground and skyscrapers in the background