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an open book with the words i will never have this version of me again let me slow down and be with her
three speech bubbles drawn on a piece of paper that says do you want hangout? when? maybe 50 the rest of our lives
a handwritten poem written in black ink on white paper with the words you are made from the same energy source that has created
To thine own self be true
a quote that says, my goal is to wake up every morning feeling overwheningly
true love quotes saying
a quote that says life isn't about getting and having it's about giving and being
Coffee + Grace: Photo
a quote that reads, that dream was planted in your heart for a reason not to self
note to self.
a playing card with two hearts on it and the words in french are written below
a pink background with the words, remember when you wanted what you currently have?
Blog — There's Good in Store
the words do not work more than you live on a white background with blue lettering