Rumi, Calligraphy is an ancient art of handwriting for which people took much pride in creating. This specific picture of a dancing man in traditional middle eastern garment consists of arab calligraphy.


TURKISH CERAMIC TILES: Turkish design mosaic panel hand painted wall decor mural bath kitchen backsplash pool patio spa art tile x on Etsy

Turkish garb color patterns 18 century

The centyry miniaturist Levni almost always depicted women holding flowers and with flower motifs in their appared. His paintings are noted for their colour palette of secondary shades and gentle expressions on the faces of his figures.

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Ottoman Iznik Plate

jewel pattern originated in Buddhist iconography (flaming pearls)_transformed through their association with tiger stripes and leopard spots_symbols connoting strength and courage


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Dish | Iznik, Turkey, ca. 1560-1565 | Fritware, covered in pale blue slip, polychrome underglaze painted, glazed | This decorative dish has the coloured ground that featured on some Iznik wares from the 1550s. At this time potters in Iznik in Turkey were using a variety of coloured slips (liquid clay) to cover the bodies of their wares. They then added detailed designs in slips of contrasting colours and paint | VA Museum, London


Turkey/ İznik / Dish / Date: ca. / Materials and Techniques:Fritware, covered in pale blue slip, polychrome underglaze painted, glazed / Diameter: cm, Height: cm

Selimiye mosque tile detail

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