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helena arabella
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Sebastian from Black Butler

Commision for Her original character ,Pandora and Sebastian Michaelis from the anime/manga Black Butler. and other pieces of this couple Commission - Pandora and SebastianXI

Cumbersmaug studying dwarves.

Sherlock is determined to have all the "Hobbit" dwarves straight in his mind before the movie comes out.

daily dose of stupid and obvious by nebezial on deviantART

This three panel comic by Nebezial titled “Daily Dose of Stupid and Obvious” features Green Lantern playing a prank on Superman. The joke is obvious and stupid just like the title infers, but it’s still fun.

Evil queens - I never thought of it that way but it kinda makes sense...

The Evil Queens are the princesses that were never saved. Rewrite a fairytale ending were the princess is not saved. (Just because they aren't saved doesn't mean they die e.