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Hasan Ali Ünal

Hasan Ali Ünal
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Harper's Bazaar En Español (Mexico/Latin America) June Luma Grothe By Danny Cardozo Stylist: Almudena Guerra Hair + Make-up: Hector Simancas at Downton Factory Casting: Taylor Sollinger

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'Dumina' VD 101 Traditional wooden gajeta with Latin sails. One of the fastest and the winner of numerous regattas "Latin sails" Fully equipped, Mast, 2 Latin sails. It was built in 1979 in Sumartin on the island. Complete reconstruction in

The foot sloop designed by Lyle Hess and built by Lyn and Larry Pardy in the who went on to sail her around the world ! She now has a new owner and is homeported in Marshfield MA.

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