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31 DIY ideas that you need today idea 2
Corner Shelf Made of Plywood.
Jeeves Wooster Pendant Lights - chapeau
New Miniature Dwellings Suspended Inside Test Tubes by Rosa de Jong
I really like this Custom Hanji Round Lamp it gives a mellow mood. I would put this in the meditating/yoga nook.
Just love these cracked log lamps from Duncan Meerding made from salvaged logs which would otherwise have been burnt. By turning them into a vessel for light, they bring the outside in, and remind us of our intrinsic connection with nature. Just like our treescape collection!
Handmade Home Decor Light Bulb Oil Lamp on Pyramid natural concrete and Black Rock Base, Aluminum top bulb (12-005)
A DIY version of a $900 lamp.
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