Hasibe Kart
Hasibe Kart
Hasibe Kart

Hasibe Kart

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Pressed flower tattoo, a gift from the lovely Caitlin Shearer... Check out Dieting Digest

Get your kids to ink their fingerprints and get tattoos of them = your tattoo would truly be unique and meaningful..awesome!!

50 Cool Skull Tattoos Designs

pretty skull tattoos for women | Upper Back Tattoos: Skull Rose Tattoos for Girls / https://www.youniqueproducts.com/AlexisMars/party/322108/view

I'm done with tattoos but this would be a cute one (:

Giraffe's back -5x7Print

really cute tattoo idea <3

Poetic Lion Art Print

Inspiration for tattoos- Simple decorations but satisfying. The feathers could relate to the scenes between Simba/Rafiki in the movie The Lion King

Vintage Anchor Temporary Tattoo *High Quality Die Cut Transfer

Vintage Anchor temporary tattoo 3x2 by Inkweartattoos on Etsy

Long Curly Hairstyles - Nneya Richards Curly Hairstyle

A fun, new way to do your hair when you hit the beach!