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een gehaakte doos voor zeepjes, olie, lotions SUCH a Lovely basket/Box! There are 10 MORE FREE Crochet Basket Patterns Here!

ribbon flowers

Ribbonwork rosebuds by Nigar Hikmet. These have to be the most adorable little ribbonwork roses I've ever seen! The stamens add so much to the finished look too - flawless

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Modern Mitered Granny Square pattern by Sue Rivers

Another variation of the granny square to try out. Mitered Granny Square Baby Blanket: free pattern by Correnna Nelson

Плед с медвежонком

Плед с медвежонком Scroll down for stunning work including Irish crochet stuff.

MiiMii - rękodzieło dla mamy i córki.: Magia szydełka- inspiracje,ściegi i wzory dla każdego.

Cross between a headband and a cowl, really. "Crochet - patterns and inspiration. Crochet scarves, ornaments, jewelry and many more .


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d528d10ba92c6465655c34dd6ebc9ada.jpg (540×960)