mamma e mimma: Lapbook delle tabelline

good idea for fact practice-fast finisher activity. Add a new list once they have mastered the first.

Winter math for 1st and 2nd grade--missing addends

Winter Math Printables

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Súper idea DIY para aprender las tablas de multiplicar (1)

Súper idea DIY para aprender las tablas de multiplicar

Perfect for teaching time:) ... lord knows our kids don't know how to tell time if it isn't a digital clock! - maybe an activity for once they're done with their work.

Math---Telling Time---A Foldable to help your students build an understanding of time. Great foldable to put in a math journal or lapbook!

Two-Digit Addition With Regrouping

Printable Math and Measurements Worksheets

Teaching Maths with Meaning: Maths Displays

Flower Clock for learning about telling time/reading analog clock [Teaching Maths with Meaning: Maths Displays]


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Mathematics tips - great telling #time helper for kids!

Sun clock that helps with telling time. This is a cute and easy way for kids learning how to tell time, because it is right under the clock and the rays represent the 5 minute intervals and that can make it easy for kids.