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walk-in closet... So, this is where they keep the light! Wow

Mirrored closet doors not only fill the room with natural light, but also make the space feel larger. The long and low-lying bench forces your eye to look from one side of the room to the other and adds to the feeling of a large expansive space.

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Sliding door wardrobes are a great way to utilize space where there isn’t enough space to swing a hinged door.

This closet is ridiculously amazing! Bigger than my bedroom!

is this walk in closet big enough for you? This is only a section of Mariah Carey's enormous wardrobe/walk-in-closet!

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I'm dying to redo my closet, but the big room. I dream of a home one day where I can have an entire room dedicated to my clothes, shoes, bags, etc. A girl can dream right?