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a drawing of a city with lots of trees and buildings on it's sides
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three diagrams showing the various sections of a building
Cuarto premio ex.aequo en Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment / realizado por Alejandro Londoño, Gonzalo Gutierrez, Valentín Sanz, Toni Gelabert, Sergio del Castillo, Gonzalo del Val y con la colaboración de Íñigo Machimbarrena, 2012
a map of new york city with all the streets and major cities in it, including one that is red
Gallery of What Can Architecture Do for Your Health? - 8
Land Use Map of part of New York City. #landuse #cityplanning #NewYorkCityMaps
the green city is depicted in this diagram
planted city - It’s Getting Hot in Here: Designing Green Cities -...
It’s Getting Hot in Here: Designing Green Cities - Infographic From C40 Cities: “Pulling from many examples across leading C40 cities like Stockholm and Portland, the Green & Smart Guidelines are based on the principle that a few key actions taken by...
two drawings of the same building, each with different sections
an abstract drawing with lines and shapes in black and white, on top of a wavy surface
Italian hill town of Assisi
an architectural drawing of the interior of a building with stairs leading up to two levels
usfsacd: Giancarlo Santillan, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2014 Design III: “Natatorium” - Fall 2011, Prof. Shannon BassettPools as a series of steps that follow the river. A massive concrete volume versus the light tectonics of the enclosure creates a variety of light conditions for different pools|activities.
an old house with two floors and three stories in the same section, as well as another floor plan
Italian Renaisance Style House - 1916 - Ideal Homes in Garden Communities
1916 Garden City Plans - Design 35
an open book with drawings on it
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© Fabio Alessandro Fusco, Città e territori/Cities and territories, 2004
two renderings of an intersection with cars and people walking on the sidewalk in front of them
A Before-and-After Guide to Safer Streets
A Before-and-After Guide to Safer Streets - Eric Jaffe - The Atlantic Cities
the floor plan for this house
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rambler floor plans | Brighton Homes Utah | Utah's Most Exciting New Home Builder: Bountiful ...