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two rugs are laying on the floor with tassels hanging from it's sides
Salon takımı
Bolubezi üzerine susma tekniği ile yapılmış salon takımı
someone is working on a piece of cloth with an orange and blue flower in the center
a white cloth with red and green designs on it
the cross stitch pattern is being displayed in an instagramtion on her mobile device
a cross stitch pattern with red flowers and leaves on the border, as well as numbers
an image of a crocheted blanket with pink flowers on the bottom and sides
an embroidered design with flowers on it
chloefrancillon: Matisse - with plaster cast of “The Serpentine” 1909 by Edward Steichen
an embroidered flower on white fabric with black and brown trim around the edges, along with decorative swirls
Bizden Blackwork