Murat H.

Murat H.

Murat H.
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Lovecraft Mythos Art Prints project video thumbnail

Russell Smeaton is raising funds for Lovecraft Mythos Art Prints on Kickstarter! Produce 5 beautiful art prints, featuring images and scenes relating to the works of H.

This AI knows whether you’re gay or straight by looking at a single photo

over AI that 'identifies gay faces' - BBC News: BBC News Row over AI that 'identifies gay faces' BBC News A facial recognition…

Computer solves a major time travel problem | Cosmos

The ‘grandfather paradox’ of time travel has been puzzling philosophers, quantum physicists and novelists for years. Now there’s an answer as Cathal O’Connell

Sulphur Psalms Demo | Sulphur Aeon

Sulphur Psalms Demo, by Sulphur Aeon