kiss recipe: BBQ Potatoes

Potatoes baked in Chicken Broth, Garlic and Butter, SO GOOD! They get crispy on the bottom but stay fluffy inside. Chocked full of flavor

Spaghetti Pie

Spaghetti Pie Ingredients: 10 oz spaghetti 7 oz cheese 2 bell peppers 1 large onion 1 large carrot 2 spring onions 2 tomatoes 4 eggs 1 tsp lawry’s seasoned salt 2 tbsp breadcrumbs 1 tbsp parmesan 1 tbsp parsley 1 tsp basil pepper cayenne

Loaded Potato Nachos

Over-the-Top Loaded Potato Nachos. These Over-the-Top Loaded Potato Nachos are a delicious treat, complete with spicy nacho cheese sauce and a ton of toppings

Patates Mantısı | Oktay Usta Yemek Tarifleri Yeşil Elma Resimli Yemek Tarifleri

Patates Mantısı: Herbed potatoes stuffed with sausage, topped with yogurt and dusted with dried red pepper

köfteli pilav tarifi

Turkish sofra (cuisine): Ali Paşa pilav/rice (Turkish rice with meatballs) T.