Emine Şeker

Emine Şeker

İstanbul / Uzm.Özel Eğitimci
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21Mart-Dünya Down Sendromu Farkındalık Günü

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Twig Tree Canvas 4 Seasons. We like the idea of a home decor that is not only homemade, but made with things we find in our own backyard!

Great fine motor activity that also works on number recognition and matching. Instead of numbers you could also write letter on the sticks and box.

Teaching Preschoolers to Code by carrotsareorange: Teach kids to code early because, well, she is capable of doing it... #Coding #Kids

The schools where they never say ‘sit still’ via theguardian: An education initiative in South Carolina relies on exercise and movement to make students better learners. #Education #Learning #Exercise #Movement

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs...a FUN activity for any budding Paleontologist! -