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a black and white photo with the words, she is a mess but she is a masterpiece
She is the kind of beautiful, only beautiful eyes can see.
an open book with the words she's changed you can see it in her eyes, feel it in her touch, hear it in her tone
95 Ex Boyfriend Quotes to Help You Get Over Your Break-up
She's changed. you can see it in her eyes, feel it in her touch, hear it in her tone. she's not the same. and she's never coming back. #thenewshequotes #sadquotes #unhappyquotes #quotes #inspirationalquotes #dailyquotes #quoteoftheday #therandomvibez #lifequotes #motivationalquotes
a woman with long hair wearing a white sweater and holding her hand to her face
three women standing in a field with their arms around each other and one woman holding her head
We're actually the female version of 3 idiots!! 😀😂
Another shot with another pal! Couple Photography, Best Friends Shoot, Girl Hiding Face, Fnny, Female
Another shot with another pal!
two people making a heart shape with their hands in front of the sun and trees
Hearts 💕 are our thing...
a woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror
a woman holding a large brown teddy bear in her arms and sitting on a couch
a woman reading a book while sitting on a bench next to a river and trees
Juno was immersed in her book, which was nothing out of the ordinary. Her short and choppy hair was pulled back with a bandanna and she gnawed on her lip in concentration as she stood next to the bus stop. Argh, she was so close to finding something, but her mind was a just massive fill in the blank without an answer key. As she waits for her bus, Juno's head jerks up and she offers a tired but kindly grin upon seeing {y/c}. "Hello!"
a woman sitting on a couch reading a book
Can you read her face?