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an artistic drawing of a clock tower with the words nedik tenere written below it Architecture, Draw, Drawings, Architecture Drawing
venedik/ kose pencere
an artistic painting of a cityscape with the words sien a written below it Siena, Travel, Landmarks, Building, Taj Mahal
siena / haydar disbudak
the cover art for umbra Louvre
umbria / haydar disbudak
a drawing of a building with trees in the foreground and a person walking past it Vintage, World, Istanbul, Ali, Map, World Map, Vintage World Maps
kilic ali pasa camii , tophane.
a drawing of a building with a clock on the top and an inscription above it Film Posters, Art, Duomo, Den, Poster, Movie Posters
😊 parma,emilia-romagna parma katedrali duomo di parma, abside den karalama
a black and white drawing of a building with a clock tower on it's side Symbols, City, City Photo, Photo
a black and white drawing of a building with a clock tower Bologna, Statue, Verdi
bologna,verdi meydanindan....
a painting of a building with trees and clouds in the background
an old book cover with a drawing of a building in the background and text that reads, maza gligigiti veredi med bologna Films, Giuseppe, Movies
a drawing of an old building with a man standing in front of it Notre Dame
bologna, sokak...
an ink drawing of a city street with buildings Artwork, Abstract
bologna , verdi meydani
a drawing of a bridge over a river with buildings in the background Roma
an image of a city with trees in the foreground Desktop Screenshot
a drawing of a red bird sitting on top of a building Sketchbook Pages, Style, Sketch Book, Creative, Art School
a drawing of a man wearing sunglasses and a hat with his hand on his chest
haydar disbudak/roma
haydar disbudak / roma da.