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Tauriel - The Hobbit, part II - Concept design as seen in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Chronicles: Art & Design and Smaug: Unleashing the Dragon - The Art of Nick Keller

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Concept Art - Movie Art. I don't care much for the addition of Tauriel to the Hobbit movies, but this is an awesome picture.

The White Lady of Rohan. My favorite female character in the LOTR

Eowyn, The White Lady of Rohan. Child of kings, slender but as a steel-blade, fair yet terrible.

eowyn lotr art lord of the rings tolkien

The Lord of the Rings Eowyn by Jenny Dolfen. Polychromo and white pastel on mid-tone paper, size.

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This one was submitted by the artist himself, Craig Spearing. I love it, look at her facing off against that thing. I know it’s another picture of Eowyn but I’m sorry I can’t get enough of Eowyn.

Kili and Tauriel :D <-- I ship them so hard. Not a good thing as my favorite characters tend to die...

Just watched The Hobbit yesterday, and amgg Kili's love towards Tauriel. Ahh Kili, why are you so precious. Tauriel is so sparkle in Kili's ey. Kili and Tauriel

I did realize Tauriel's hair had two layers to it! So pretty!

I'm so glad Peter Jackson added her character, she's my favorite of the middle earth females