Hüseyin Akburak

Hüseyin Akburak

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Hüseyin Akburak
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Leiria, Portugal

Bring me to a place where all the colors shine as bright as they do in Leiria, Portugal.

Lycoperdon Perlatum. Known as puffball, it belongs to the family Agaricaceae. It is a medium-sized puffball, 1.5 to 6 cm (0.6 to 2.4") wide by 3 to 7 cm (1.2 to 2.8") tall. When mature it becomes brown, and a hole in the top opens to release spores. It grows in fields, gardens, and along roadsides, as well as in grassy clearings in woods. It is edible when young although care must be taken to avoid confusion w immature fruit bodies of poisonous Amanita species.

Lycoperdon perlatum popularly known as the common puffball, warted puffball, gem-studded puffball, or the devil's snuff-box, is a species of puffball fungus in the family Agaricaceae. How Nano Sized Colloidal Silver Kills Bacteria

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mushrooms in the forest. the light on those delicate membranes of mushroom and web.

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