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Geronda Joseph Mammis, Abbot of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Monastery, Inc.

"I have run to the fragrance of myrrh, O Christ God, For I have been wounded by your love; do not part from me, O heavenly Bridegroom.

Novitiate Andrew from Saki Monastery - full screen

Thank you father (we always kiss the right hand of the priest which gives us the body and blood of Christ)

A Special Operations Unit officer kisses the ring of an Orthodox priest in Serbia, (Photographer: unnamed - Associated Press)

Svaki koji čini greh, rob je grehu. A rob ne ostaje u kući vavek, sin ostaje vavek (Jn.8,34-35)

When we cease from grasping, desiring, and taking, and embark upon a life of love, all nature becomes harmony.