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Ohio State Nursing Decision Reaction
my favorite self care rituals 💅🏾
a pink poster with the words my goals for the new school year
goals for second year of college
this is your sign to write down some goals you hope to achieve during this new school year 😉 here are some of my goals for my second year in college in regards to my course work! I hope my goals will serve as some insp for you! lmk in the comment section what your number one goal for this new school year is!
a collage of children's books with the words self care reminder on it
attention! self care reminder!
remember when we were kids and had all the time in the world to sit and read lots of really good books? don’t you just miss those days?? well let’s take some time out of our day to relive those happy moments and read a book 📖 don’t forget to prioritize your self care!! it’s v important! ❤️❤️
an info sheet with instructions on how to recover from college burn out and what you can do
how to recover from burnout
do you have back to back classes and not a lot of time to eat? try these easy snack ideas! 🤤
amazon decor essentials for your college dorm room 🎒