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    Gorgeous crochet project inspiration, patterns and tutorial
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    20 Inasnely Clever Yarn Hacks That Will Make Your Next Project Easier!

    Crochet Christmas ornaments really make a Tree and a home look homespun for the holidays. Here are 15 free crochet ornament patterns to inspire you!

    KNITTED - wool throw. I know it's knitting on a crochet board but it's too good not to pin! I might even learn to knit for this tutorial!

    Crocheted shelf edging (svankatwijk, via Flickr) for parties, babies rooms, and place want a touch of softness or lace

    Easy: single or double crochet bath mat with bubble crochet edging

    DIY yarn organizer for kids art. It is great to facilitate the autonomy in the art center. Easy to store too!