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The Blue Mosque in my bedroom? (Tiles wallpaper, variatons on the Century Cobalt-blue Ground Panel from the mimber of the Rustem Pasa Mosque, Istanbul)

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Photo about Close up photo of handmade Turkish tiles, in Rustempasa Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey - 2290675

Iznik 16th – Benaki Islamic Museum Athens Greece

Section of Iznik wall tiles - with a composition that constitutes a basic decorative unit which, when repeated, may cover any wall surface. A similar wall composition can be found in the Mausoleum of the Martyr Eyyub in Istanbul.

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3054ea8533eded72580898989370c489.jpg (540×960)

Kalemişi Nedir?: Süleyman Çelebi Camii Kalemişi Motifi

Kalemişi Nedir?: Süleyman Çelebi Camii Kalemişi Motifi

Turkish Floral Design #wedding #decor #blue

I don’t know if anyone uses photoshop but I’ve just made up my own set of Turkish designed brushes, I made them from a royalty free design book I