Kitties (And a few dogs!)

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two kittens are playing with each other
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a small white kitten with blue eyes sitting on a cat bed looking at the camera
The Blue Eyes - Cutest Paw
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two cats climbing up the side of a wooden pole with text good morning have a nice day
catch me if u can!!
two kittens playing with each other on the floor
abyssin, abyssinian,
a cat sitting on top of a dog's head
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
a fluffy cat sitting on top of a tree branch
Skogkatt Norwegian Forest Cat
a mother cat cuddles with her kitten
Momma cat and kitten
two cats cuddle together on the back of a chair in front of a wooden door
Abyssinian mother and baby cuddle
a dog laying on the floor holding a kitten
Prove your humanity
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a black and white photo of a dog laying on its back next to a cat
a black kitten with blue eyes laying on a bed
photogenic felines
So cute and fluffy. I love black kittens. Incensewoman
a close up of a cat's face with bright green and orange colors on it
Beautiful Calico - 11th February 2014
What amazing markings on this beautiful Calico.
a close up of a cat with blue eyes
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