dress is knit from the bottom up. Began two separate örgü modelleri yelek bebek parts( front,back) then to join two parts and to knit to a waist. Top front , back to knit separate.

I would love to make this just for the challenge, but it borders on over the top christmas knits.

шапочка с зимним узором Snowy village hat and chart,at the bottom of a page of fun Christmas charts,probably cross-stitch so will stretch vertically when knitted.

Роскошный комплект "Рrincess" для прекрасной зимушки

Роскошный комплект "Рrincess" для прекрасной зимушки

Eye Earrings Tatting Jewelry Summer Earrings Lace by NazoDesign

Devil Eye earrings - Tatting jewelry - Summer earrings - Lace jewelry - Crochet earrings - Boho earrings BR1143

Yup. Gotta do this for little miss

Pink Rapunzel Character Hat with Long Braids .this would be cute for the girls and the bearded hat for Benjamin :o)