Orientalist paintings by Carl Haag 1820 - 1915 German painter

Carl Haag (Bavarian-born British, Bedouin Family in Desert, 1867

Jean-Leon Gerome - The Tryst, c.1844

Old Paintings The Tryst (exterior and interior), by Jean-Léon Gérôme (French,

Oriental Girl with Harp

The Lute Player. Nathaniel Sichel (German, Oil on canvas. Sichel is often compared to Max Nonnenbruch, but in their circles of influence, exceeded him in fame and popularity.

Algérie - Peintre Français  Eugène Baugniès (1842-1891), Huile sur toile, Titre :  La Conversation

La conversation by Eugene Baugnies in Orientalist Paintings on December 2008 at the null null sale lot 46

Kamil Aslanger

A young mother and her relative (or friend) admire the mother's new born.

Kamil Aslanger

Odalisque was sexual slave in The Ottoman palace. Especially the young girls was raised for sex and entertainment.

Persian Art. Persian Ancient Miniatures Gallery

Iran Politics Club: Hojatollah Shakiba - Part Persian Ancient Miniatures Gallery

Edwin Lord Weeks (1849-1903) Craftsman Selling Cases By A Teak­Wood Building, Ahmedabad Oil on canvas c1885

Craftsman Selling Cases By A Teak Wood Building, Ahmedabad - Edwin Lord Weeks 1885

19 century painting of Rudolf Ernst showing the entrace of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus/Syria.

The Mosque : Cami

fleurdulys: The Gate of the Great Umayyad Mosque - Gustav Bauernfeind 1890

Edwin Lord Weeks ~ Indian Prince And Parade Ceremony

fleurdulys: “Indian Prince and Parade Ceremony - Edwin Lord Weeks century ”