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How to make a knife handle

An old WWII combat knife my friend picked up from an antiques dealer. The blade was a mess, and the hilt was cracked, split, and missing several leather disks. So I cleaned up the blade, sharpened .

Alaskan MK III Portable Lumber Mill, Model# G776-30 | Saw Mills| Northern Tool + Equipment

Granberg EZ Rail Mill Guide System - 3 Crossbar Kits, Model# The EZ Rail System - in combination with the Alaskan saw mill - creates a straight and


Customized Cold Steel Pipe Axe and Spike Axe. Checkout our collection of…

Custom knife

Fighting knife made from the leg bone of a large mammal, from tip to hilt it is one solid piece of bone. Looks like a Klingon weapon.

Minimalist bookshelves. This is adorable.. It would be awesome for a magazine rack in the bathroom, or a spare bedroom bookshelf.

Idea about Home Office - Minimalist bookshelves. It would be awesome for a magazine rack in the bathroom or a spare bedroom bookshelf. by: Francine Gervais on: Déco intérieur