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11 Breastfeeding Super Foods -

I don’t know about you, but when I was breastfeeding my babies, I was constantly hungry! I would eat an entire meal and not even an hour later feel like I haven’t eaten in days. Don’t be surprised if you are experiencing the same thing. Your body is working hard to make milk to feed your little one so you are burning lots of extra calories! Burning extra calories doesn’t mean you should stuff yourself with junk food though. I’m not saying that the occasional junk food binge doesn’t (and…

Yummy breastfeeding recipe

Breastfeeding is a learning curve for all new mums. Staying healthy while breastfeeding with these 5 tips from Miranda, the Geelong Parenting Coach!

Exclusively Pumping: Sample Schedule From Birth To 12 Months

Congratulations if you've just delivered your baby! We're sure your baby's feeding, sleeping, and diaper duties are already keeping you busy 24/7. Let's add pumping breast milk to the list if you are breastfeeding. When it comes to when and how much you need to pump, there can be a lot of

Best Tasting & Healthy Lactation Cookies!

Absolutely the best tasting & healthy lactation cookies recipe out there! Boost your milk supply while curbing your sweets craving!

Power Pumping to Increase Breastmilk Supply | Breast Pump Expert

Power Pumping is a method to increase your breastmilk supply. It should be done in addition to your regular breastfeeding/ pumping routine.

Delicious Lactation Recipes... That You Will Actually Have Time to Make — Wife Mum Work Play

Want to increase breastmilk without spending hours in the kitchen baking cookies? If you want delicious lactation recipes that you will make, read on!


Best Free Online Breastfeeding Classes: Breastfeeding Positions Video

Easily choose the best online breastfeeding courses for you based off of these reviews. Also discover the best free online breastfeeding classes and paid.


Double Down on Your Milk Supply with this Drink!

Does Body Armor drink increase milk supply for breastfeeding moms? Is this the best drink for boosting milk supply? How will Body Amor help my milk supply?