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Can't really be trusted around wet floors.

Can't be trusted to remain upright.

Pictured: World's greatest paintings given CAT makeover by talented Russian artist

Svetlana Petrova was inspired to include her tabby Zarathustra in her work after sinking into a depression after her mother's death

Söz Dizisi - 7

Star Tv'de yayınlanan popüler olan Söz dizisi hakkındaki capsler/videolar ve benzeri şeyler bulunmaktadır

What Happens When Classic Works of Art Collide With Photoshop and a Chubby Orange Kitty? (PHOTOS)

From the surreal to the sublime, the classic and the modern, Zarathustra inserts himself into the art world in typical cat style, sprawling prominently and nonchalantly across each canvas.

I Make Mashups Of The Most Famous Artworks In History And Contemporary Pop Culture

Hello, I'm a visual designer Hayati from Cyprus. I've been interested in Photoshop and paintings for a long time now. I'm inspired by people I see in everyday life.

Keyfinizi Tam Kıvamına Getirecek Son Haftaların En Komik 21 Yemekli Tweet'i - Yemek.com

Bu bool yemekli, bol mizah soslu tweet'ler tüm keyfinizi yerine getirecek ve tüm hafta boyunca yüzünüze kocaman bir gülümseme konduracak.

Tarihin tozlu sayfalarından yaran hayali12 aforizma

Son zamanlarda sosyal medyada dönüp duran ve artık bir ‘meme’ haline gelen uyduruk tarihi aforizmalardan en beğendiklerimizi bir araya topladık.


My ginger cat Zarathustra is known for his ability to improve famous paintings. I am just a humble assistant to His Furry Majesty, who kindly allows me to use all my painting, photography and Photoshop skills to insert his precious images into masterpieces of renowned artists of the past. Together we revisited more than 150 paintings and wrote a book “Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude” that appeared in English, Chinese and Korean, and Japanese edition is…