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three glass santa claus ornaments on a doily
RESERVED for PEGGY - Santa Claus Hand Painted Pink Rose on a Recycled Lightbulb - Personalized free
Xmas decorations from used light bulbs! Dont have to paint the image because you can use a sticker or a decal! :D
three ornaments are hanging on the wall with pink bows and santa claus's face
Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments
Ideas & Products: Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments
two santa claus dolls sitting next to each other
Start A Fire
Handmade lightbulb Santa / Mikołaj z żarówki
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree
Which Funnel Do You Want?
Hunter Green Santa Bulb - Listing - sold I have got to keep a look out for this page to see if there are any put up for sale. Beautiful work by this person.
the santa clause is hanging on the wall
... painted light bulbs christmas lightbulb ornaments painted light bulb
a glass ornament with a santa clause on it's head hanging from a christmas tree
light bulb santa ornament
Handpainted festive Santa lightbulb ornament
a christmas angel ornament hanging on a wall
Angels of Light
Angels of Light.......This is the first one like this I've seen anywhere. Very pretty and creative.
a glass ornament with a snowman on it's head and a tree in the background
Product Listing - ornaments
Product Listing - ornaments
the stuffed animal is wearing red shoes with white fur
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tigger lightbulb ornie
an ornament with a santa clause hat in a gift box on the grass