Mitjili Napurrula | Aboriginal art painting

Design Inspiration // Mitjili Napurrula - Watiya / The painting depicts watiya tjuta (trees). The Aboriginal men use the wood from these trees to make spears, artefacts and ceremonial objects associated with mens business.

floor tiles

NOTE:::love the tile idea for anywhereWarm modern bathroom. Love the tile, love the mirror wall. Not sure I ever loved a mirror wall before, but this makes so much sense, especially if you have a really small bathroom.

pietra dura, Jaipur City

Exquisite Pietra Dura Inlay-work on Marble with Precious Gems-stones, Jaipur City Museum, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - by chris 9

William De Morgan, framed tile Persian floral panel, circa 1880

A William de Morgan framed tile panel Circa 1880