knitted pixie hat. instructions in Spanish

Capota de Punto FÁCIL - PIXIE - [ Tutorial Paso a Paso y Patrón GRATIS ]


Im totally going to get into knitting, I think it would be a really good stress reliever! LOVE this color & pattern!

14690939_1151507068231260_8662496911468754965_n.jpg (528×960)

14690939_1151507068231260_8662496911468754965_n.jpg (528×960)

Ravelry: #225 The One Hat pattern by SweaterBabe

#225 The One Hat pattern by SweaterBabe

Every once in a while, a great knitting pattern will come your way and you’ll enjoy knitting it over and over. This lace hat is “The One” for me and easily for you too!

Wicker stitch aka Criss-Cross Stitch -

Watch this video to learn how to knit the Wicker stitch (aka Criss-cross stitch). This stitch is kind of like a hybrid between a cross stitch and a 2 stitch .