Rio Arnavutköy, Istambul, Turquia.

The Bosphorus Villages of Arnavutköy, Turkey. Arnavutköy is a historic neighborhood in Istanbul, famous for its wooden Ottoman mansions and seafood restaurants, as well as the campus of the prestigious Robert College with its centennial buildings.

under the Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

Uunder the Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey. Beautiful view while eating dinner.

Drinking tea in Uskudar - Semshi Pasha Near Maiden's tower, Istanbul.

Reading: Inside Out in Istanbul

Drinking tea in Uskudar - Semshi Pasha Near Maiden's tower, Istanbul. - I suppose I will have to file this away to remember for my next trip there: this looks so cozy!

Balat, Istanbul, Turkey

Balat, Istanbul, Turkey — by Kristin Rust

Balat, Istanbul, Turkey — by Kristin Rust. It's easy to stick to the historic core of Istanbul because there is so much to see. But an adventure.

Dolmabahçe Clock Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Prens Guz tarafından The Dolmabahçe Palace fotoğrafı

Dondurma - A guy serving dondurma, Istanbul. *Dondurma is the name given to ice cream in Turkey.

The Turkish Ice cream Vendor

Traditional Turkish ice cream is thick and chewy with an elastic texture. This allows the Turkish ice cream street vendors to have a unique approach when serving your ice cream.

A worker preparing fresh pomegranate juice from these pomegranate fruit. Photo taken at a market in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey I have fond memories of street vendors pressing fresh pomagranate juice