İğne oyası Any of these needle lace edging patterns would look lovely on a gift bow.

İğne oyası aka some oya stitches: link doesn't work anymore.ever notice that you get lots of examples of beautiful oya work from Turkey but rarely any instruction pages?

Мобильный LiveInternet Бабушкины кружева... игольчатое кружево... | Мила-2010 - "МОЕ ЛИЧНОЕ ПРОСТРАНСТВО" - ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ! | This pattern uses single knots for needle lace

Wish the Russian translation was clearer


Блоги R R R R R R R R R Townsend Else.Ru: Румынское кружево (первая проба) Image only, looked at link, but wasn't sure where it would lead from there.

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Šitá krajka: Oya

Šitá krajka: Oya - I'm gathering learning material.